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Concrete Kings of Lansing specializes in concrete leveling services for concrete slabs, patios, pools, walkways, driveways, roadways, steps, foundations, garages, warehouses, and more residential and commercial clients.
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The End-to-End Concrete Leveling Solution

The most cost-effective option to provide an even, safe surface is to reuse existing concrete. By leveling a concrete slab before it becomes too damaged, you may assure that the present concrete will last for many years. There is minimal downtime associated with leveling existing concrete and the cost savings compared to concrete replacement.

Uneven concrete can result in a variety of problems, including: 

  • Cosmetic problems, as uneven concrete is ugly.
  • Movement or avoid in the foundation has broken the corners and edges of concrete surfaces.
  • Tripping hazards for members of the family and visitors.
  • Trimmers, edgers, mowers, snow shovels, and snow blowers are difficult to use.
  • Homeowners may be held more liable in the event of a trip-and-fall accident.
  • Risk of drainage issues and other challenges in particular places caused by runoff and puddles. 
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Floating the slab up in modest increments allows for a controlled lift while also providing the finest protection for the concrete. Concrete leveling services are best conducted by concrete contractors Lansing MI specialists who know how to mix the proper materials and use the right equipment to safeguard the concrete’s integrity while avoiding harm to neighboring structures.

Concrete Kings of Lansing pierces the slab with a series of one-inch diameter holes and hydraulically pumps a limestone-based slurry beneath it. This material fills in all the gaps in the subsurface and re-establishes the subsurface, thus forming a new, stable sub-base. After the job is completed, the concrete can be used right away. 

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Discover why our advanced concrete elevating foam is the ideal solution for sinking concrete.

Concrete Lifting Lansing MI Pros

The days of living with sunken concrete or paying a fortune to have it replaced are over! PolyLift is a concrete lifting process that lifts, levels, and stabilizes settling concrete slabs using high-density polymer. Compared to other concrete repair methods, such as mud jacking, the process is a quick, easy, and cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement.

Concrete, like nothing else, does not last indefinitely. This is especially true in Lansing, where the ground shifts due to intense seasonal cycles. Over time, this can cause concrete to sink and crack. Furthermore, concrete built over a poorly compacted stone and soil, particularly surrounding your home, is prone to settle over time, mainly as water penetrates below through cracks, gaps, and open sides, eroding the base material.

If not restored, sunken slabs such as driveways, patios, and pathways can:

  • Assume the role of dangerous trip risks.
  • Divert water towards your home, generating bigger issues.
  • Create unsightly eyesores that detract from the curb appeal and value of the property.
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How to Properly Lift Sunken Concrete

Mudjacking was once the only option for homeowners who wanted to lift and level their sunken concrete. Mudjacking is a technique for raising a slab by injecting a cement and sand slurry beneath it. Mudjacking was formerly a common approach for concrete leveling Lansing. Still, it was never considered a long-term solution because the slurry material tends to break down with time, and the material’s high weight can cause the slab to re-settle. It also necessitated the drilling of massive 1′′-2′′ holes in the concrete, which did not look well and undermined the slab. Polyurethane foam is now the recommended material for lifting and stabilizing concrete to address these difficulties.