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Whether big or small, every project is a top priority at Concrete Kings of Lansing from start to finish. Each project is allocated a team of people that work closely with architects, engineers, inspection services, and project management to guarantee that our customers receive the best possible work and service. Each project team combines concrete construction management, construction administration, and construction site staff to give the most cost-effective and timely solution to meet your needs, timelines, and budget.

We provide qualified craftsmen to the excavation, asphalt, and concrete disciplines. Our goal is to deliver efficient and competent administrative support systems to clients during the preconstruction, construction, and project closeout stages.

Our processes and ideologies are at the forefront of concrete companies Lansing MI industry standards, and the objectives we set using tried-and-true methods improve projects and their profitability.

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Professional work products bring energy, experience, and leadership to excavation and concrete construction. Utilize our tried-and-true processes and principles to estimate and manage construction projects throughout their life cycle accurately. Enhance the potential to grow professional and personal relationships by creating a positive work environment.

We provide experience and leadership for all construction phases through consulting services, resulting in increased efficiency and, ultimately, profitability. Our prudent bidding methods and efficient and professional administrative services have been shown to launch and complete projects with ongoing assistance effectively. Our techniques and ideas are at the cutting edge of industry standards, and the goals we set using tried-and-true tactics help projects succeed.

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Why Choose Our Concrete Lansing MI Services

We provide expertise and leadership through consulting services for all construction phases, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability. Concrete Kings of Lansing possess the knowledge and expertise required to successfully handle a wide range of concrete projects. From excavation and ground preparation through pouring and completion, our highly experienced personnel supervises the entire process.

Our concrete capabilities include floor, stair, patio, sidewalk installation, and repair, among other things.

Footings, grade beams, concrete pads with frost footings, cast-in-place or modular precast wall systems, and retaining walls are just a few of the concrete foundations and support structures that we excel in.

Born to Build With You.

We’ve been providing the most outstanding concrete construction services for a long time. As one of the most trusted concrete contractors Lansing MI, we understand the value of delivering high-quality work on schedule. Our professionalism and attention to detail will ensure a successful project. What can we do to assist you with your next project?


Having a professional can save you thousands of dollars on construction projects. Concrete can last for several years if properly installed. However, there may be a few maintenance works thrown in. That’s when you should start hiring us.

We are a concrete services company situated in Lansing, Michigan. We take pride in the work we can do for our clients. Whether you need a new pool deck for your home or ADA renovations, we’ve got you covered. Removal and replacement, grinding and repair, pool decks and balconies, and ADA projects are just a few services available. We work with homeowners, commercial property owners, and HOA managers daily. We are passionate about what we do. Request a free project walk-through and price by giving us a call.

Award Winning Services
We offer a comprehensive range of concrete services, including stamped concrete, concrete grinding, concrete repair, mud jacking, ornamental concrete, driveway resurfacing, concrete stairs, and more as full-service concrete contractors.



One of the Leading Concrete Companies in Lansing MI

We’ve progressed from a poured wall firm to a full-service concrete contractor. Whether it’s a home driveway, a 40,000sf multi-family housing unit, or a structural slab in an industrial warehouse, we are your concrete construction connection.

Concrete Kings of Lansing is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and exploring creative solutions that enable us to complete our work with the highest level of quality and efficiency. We are unquestionably one of the concrete companies Lansing MI, market leaders.

Most of our work comes from repeat customers and recommendations who are delighted with the outcomes. We are convinced that the quality of our work, the durability of our products, and the beauty that each project will offer to your house will meet your expectations.

Concrete Construction Safety

One of our most important responsibilities is to keep our employees safe. On-the-job safety necessitates the prevention and elimination of harm or risk to workers.

Concrete Kings of Lansing services are dedicated to a comprehensive safety program ensuring an environment for our employees and preventing accidents. The overarching goal is to maintain the company’s reputation for creating high-quality products while also working to improve the working environment.

Furthermore, we provide ongoing training to our crews. Equipment safety, trenching safety protocols, grading techniques, heavy equipment operation standards and best practices, general safety, and safe Jobsite practices are some topics covered in this training, which the authorities mandates. This constant effort enables us to always have the best competent laborers and operators on the job.

Your All-In-One Lansing Concrete Contractors

Concrete Kings of Lansing specializes in concrete construction, decorative, lifting, and leveling improvements of all kinds. We’ve developed our own methods that leave your concrete looking brand new over the years. We offer a range of concrete solutions, including concrete block wall construction (typically used for constructing small buildings, standalone walls, and retaining walls), decorative hardscape, and our concrete pumping division, whether you require concrete parking lot repairs or interior concrete floors.

Long-term customer connections are more important to us than making a quick buck.
Our consumers appreciate our honesty and dedication to fair pricing and excellent customer service. You’ll deal with the same estimator from start to finish, so the same individual will address any questions or concerns you have. We’re devoted to a long-term commitment to keep your concrete in great form for years to come once the job is completed.

Enjoy Low-Maintenance Concrete in Lansing, Michigan

Concrete is one of the most widely used building materials for good reason.
It’s long-lasting, low-maintenance, fire-resistant, and simple to operate.

Working with concrete, on the other hand, is exhausting! And, when it comes to a large commercial concrete project, getting started on all of that work might be daunting.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to contact a reliable concrete Lansing MI contractor. Concrete Kings of Lansing provides residential and commercial concrete services, and we have a large staff of professionals that can come in and finish even the most challenging work quickly. You only have to deliver the orders!

You may skip the days of grueling labor and have your concrete slab, walls, or decorative hardscape completed in a short amount of time with no bother and no mess. Finally, instead of laying concrete, you’ll be on the golf course with friends!

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